Course details

Three kinds of snacks set

Three kinds of snacks set

800 yen

  • 3items
  • 1-20persons
Reservation deadline
Until 18 o'clock on the day of visit to the store
Available days for reservation
Monday - Saturday

Various small plate dishes are indispensable to accompany sake! We can taste delicious cuisine and sake at reasonable prices unique to casual style! Saku only · a little drink welcome ♪

Course menu

Recommended for those who would like to have fun for your snacks ♪ Three set pricing ♪

Please choose 3 favorite dishes from the menu below

◆ Chinese cabbage and Yuzu's Oshiko

◆ Quail garlic sauce

◆ pickled egg yolk soy sauce

◆ cream cheese moromi miso

◆ Boiled fish dish with tofu and mushrooms

◆ potato salad

◆ Tofu and Sasami noodle sagger sauce

◆ salad with chicken and sweet sauce

◆ Oyster Oil Pickle

2017/12/17 update